Andrew Morton
Andrew Morton (born 1953) is a former British Fleet Street tabloid journalist. He has two daughters, one of whom is Lydia Morton, a former wife and a lots of mistresses during and after his marriage. In 1992 he wrote a book about Princess Diana based on tapes she sent him.They never met and his book was based on what Lady Di wanted him to write. He made a lot of money that time.

Since 1992 Andrew Morton has not managed to reach the same hight of public attention, though he tried by writing blown up controversial books about popular figures such as pop star Madonna or the pop/sports couple Beckham. In 2004 he bled the Diana story once more in another book but was commercially unsuccessful. Since 2000 media became more aware of Andrew Morton’s mistresses and incidents of adultery than any of his journalistic publications.

In 2008 Morton tried to revive his reputation as author but he only managed to compile a piece of gossip and slander in what is allegedly called a biography about actor Tom Cruise but in fact is a vicious attack Tom Cruise’s chosen religion, Scientology.

(Last updated: 17 January 2008)