by Dennis Rice and Ian Gallagher

HE MADE his millions exposing the infidelities of the Prince and Princess of Wales but now Royal biographer Andrew Morton’s own marriage lies in tatters.

The author has indulged in a string of adulterous affairs during his 29-year marriage to Lynne yet it wasn’t his cheating that proved the final breaking point but his decision to sell their home in London.

Morton, who now lives in New York where last week he was photographed with a mystery blonde, accepted an unsolicited Pounds 3 million offer on the family house near Hampstead Heath, which comes complete with a heated swimming pool.

It’s a home Lynne has come to adore, having redesigned it several times in the decade they have lived there but now she has to go househunting for a place just for herself.

In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, Lynne said: ‘It is not a secret that Andrew had affairs he had two or three relationships with other women.’ But she said it was the sale of the house that had been the final straw. ‘The sale precipitated the whole thing.

We had started looking at houses and I decided that I would just find somewhere for me. Then he went off to New York and that was it,’ she said.

‘There was no point in carrying on. I was tired of all of it.’ They brought the house for Pounds 650,000 as the money from Morton’s book, Diana Her True Story, began rolling in. It is not the only property the couple have to consider there’s also a Pounds 500,000 villa in Marbella on Spain’s Costa del Sol, from where 52-year-old Lynne has just returned.

‘I would like to have it and he doesn’t care,’ she said.

‘He can’t use it because he is in New York. He would like to dispose of it.’ She admitted she had ‘no idea’ about the identity of the blonde seen hand-in-hand with Morton last week near the apartment he rents in Manhattan’s fashionable Lower East Side.

Morton, 51, also seems to have kept his new flame a secret from his daughter Lydia, who visited him in the States last week.

Lydia, 19, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I have just been out there with Dad, and I don’t know her.’ Morton’s previous extramarital affairs include a dalliance with travel writer Debbie Gaiger, who later said he had promised to leave his wife for her. She claimed the relationship ended as his demands for sex became ever more kinky.

At the time, she said: ‘I was really in love with him. I thought he loved me, too. Instead, he destroyed my self-respect. I now realise what a total, unscrupulous hypocrite he is’.

Keeping a brave face on the breakup, however, Lynne said: ‘We have been married 29 years. We have been together 33 years. Marriages do come to an end. There is nothing particularly acrimonious. It’s just something we agreed upon.

‘It was all my choice. Everything that I am doing is completely my choice.’

When asked about his new companion, Morton who as a Royal reporter spent years shadowing Princess Diana on a daily basis asked The Mail on Sunday’s reporter, without apparent irony: ‘Why are you following me around? What business is it of yours? Are you going to tell me who you’re seeing?’ He added: ‘I am working over here and if I see people, and if I do anything, it is entirely up to me.

‘As far as I am concerned, both Lynne and I are free to see whoever we want.’ Lynne believes her wayward husband has chosen to live in America because like Diana he feels unappreciated in Britain.

‘There’s a lot of jealousy around,’ she said. ‘The Americans respect that he is a journalist who has made a great deal of money through hard work, the British don’t.’ Morton is also able to command large fees as an expert on the life of Diana.

A week after her death in 1997, he revealed that she had been the source for his revelations about the state of her marriage and health.

Lynne made it clear that she expected at least half of the fortune Morton has amassed since first publishing the international bestseller, which caused a furore when it was first published in 1992.

‘These divorce things are a 50-50 thing, and more goes to the wife if she is lucky,’ she said.

‘There will be divorce papers filed at some point, I’m sure. But when that will happen I just don’t know. As long as I’m left financially secure that is OK.

‘I don’t want to live in America, my home is here.’ Morton, who has gone on to write biographies exposing the private lives of Madonna, and Victoria and David Beckham, did not even remain faithful to the Princess who helped make his fortune.

His admiration eventually cooled to the point where, two weeks before her death in Paris, he wrote: ‘I now know why Prince Charles spent his time talking to his vegetables because he knew he would get more sense out of them than the fruit he married.’

(Source: Mail on Sunday, September 18, 2005)